Thursday, Jun 30

Venezuelan president approves development fund

Maduro said that he has approved nearly €208 million for operational plans of protectorates.
16.10.2019 - 15:36

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has announced he approved nearly $228.8 million for the materialization of the productive and operational plans of the country’s governorates and protectorates.


Maduro said on Twitter that with the governors and protectorates -- dependent territories that has been granted local autonomy -- five priority areas were determined which included economy, public services and maintenance, social policies and missions, security, and popular power and leading democracy.

"I approved €207.3 millions for the execution of the productive and operational plans of governorates and protectorates," the president said. "I also approved resources for more than €202 [almost $222.9] million for the recovery of electricity, water, telecommunications, agricultural roads and transportation," he added.

The president said nearly a $169.2 million fund was approved for the development of productive projects of 3,200 municipalities nationwide. "We will consolidate a powerful productive Community Economy," Maduro emphasized.