Wednesday, Oct 20

US to send more federal officers to Portland

The Department of Homeland Security is considering sending 50 additional Customs and Border Protection personnel to the city, Washington Post reported.
28.07.2020 - 11:14

The Trump administration is sending at least 100 additional federal officers to Portland, Oregon, the Washington Post reported on Monday, as confrontations between anti-racism protesters and federal authorities have intensified.


The US Marshals Service decided last week to send 100 deputy marshals to fortify authorities guarding the federal courthouse in downtown Portland, the Post said, citing an internal email.

US Attorney General William Barr will defend the Justice Department’s use of federal law enforcement agents to quell protests in Portland, Oregon, in congressional testimony on Tuesday, saying attacks on the federal courthouse there represent “an assault on the government of the United States.”

“The most basic responsibility of government is to ensure the rule of law, so that people can live their lives safely and without fear. The Justice Department will continue working to meet that solemn responsibility,” Barr said in prepared remarks before the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.