Monday, Apr 12

US police officers test positive for coronavirus

98 police officers tested positive, 70 of the confirmed cases are uniformed officers New York Police Department said in a statement.
23.03.2020 - 09:28

New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday that 98 members of the NYPD have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.


Speaking at a press conference with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Shea said 70 of the confirmed cases are uniformed officers.

The other 28 are civilian members of the police department, according to Shea. Three members of the department are hospitalized.

"In terms of the testing, the numbers are going up because the testing in the entire city is going up. So that is not unexpected," he said.

Shea added that the department had not tracked down any members of the public that the infected police officers had contact with while working.

"We are in a new reality, that that is not doable," said de Blasio.