Monday, Dec 06

US, Oman conduct joint military drills

Two countries signed a framework agreement on Sunday aimed at enhancing military ties.
28.03.2019 - 14:59

The US and Omani militaries have begun conducting joint maneuvers in southern Oman, according to the Oman News Agency (ONA).


“The Omani Royal Army and the US Marine Corps have begun joint exercises dubbed ‘Sea Soldier’  with the support of the Omani Air Force,” ONA reported on Thursday. According to the news agency, the joint drills are being held in Oman’s southern Rabkot region.

On Sunday, the US Department of Defense and the Omani Defense Ministry signed a framework agreement aimed at enhancing military relations.

The agreement will reportedly allow US military forces to utilize a number of Oman’s seaports and airports, including the strategic Duqm Seaport.