Wednesday, Jul 28
UK to start human vaccine trials on April 23

UK to start human vaccine trials on April 23

Last week, officials had said that UK scientists were working as fast as they can to find a vaccine that fights coronavirus.
22.04.2020 - 11:31

Coronavirus vaccine trials on humans will begin on Thursday in the UK, health minister Matt Hancock told a news briefing on Tuesday as the country's death rate climbed again.


A vaccine against the novel coronavirus is seen as key to defeating the coronavirus pandemic which has killed over 100,000 globally and delivered a large blow to the global economy.

British government had said 21 new research projects would get funding from a 14 million pound investment pool to rapidly progress treatments and vaccines.

A million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine being developed by British scientists at Oxford University are already being manufactured, even before trials prove whether the shot is effective.