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Turkish vessels attacked by Libyan forces in Tripoli

According to the officials, the vessels at port of Libyan capital evacuated after the attack.
18.02.2020 - 17:17

Eastern Libyan forces, which have been trying to take the capital since April, said they had attacked a Turkish vessel discharging weapons, an eastern military official said.


A media arm of the Libyan National Army claimed that their forces targeted a cargo vessel that ferried ammunition and weapons from Turkey to the embattled port of Tripoli.

Turkish vessels attacked by Libyan forces in Tripoli WATCH

“The Turkish ship loaded with weapons and ammunition that docked this morning at the port of Tripoli was destroyed,” reads a short statement published by an LNA Facebook account.

Vessels including fuel tankers docked at the sea port of the Libyan capital were evacuated on Tuesday after an attack, two port officials said.