Wednesday, Apr 21
Trump calls Iranian general a 'son of a b….' at rally

Trump calls Iranian general a 'son of a b….' at rally

"The Democrats are outraged that we killed this terrorist monster, even though this monster was behind hundreds and hundreds of deaths," he said.
15.01.2020 - 16:57

US President Trump on Tuesday hailed the results of his decision to approve a strike that killed top Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

At his Milwaukee campaign rally, Trump called Soleimani a "son of a bitch".


The president defended the move by detailing the human toll Soleimani had taken on US troops. “Many of the young men and women you see walking around without arms or without legs were done by Soleimani," Trump said. "That’s what he loved. He loved the roadside bomb."

“He was the king of the roadside bombs. Great percentages of people don’t have legs right now and arms because of this son of a bitch,” he added.

Trump calls Iranian general a son of a bitch at rally WATCH

The Trump administration had maintained that the US was facing an "imminent threat" when it carried out the strike on Soleimani, but details have so far been scant.