Monday, Nov 28

SpaceX’s historic launch delayed due to bad weather

When completed, the launch to the International Space Station will not only mark SpaceX's first manned launch, it will be the first privately-developed spacecraft to carry humans into space.
28.05.2020 - 11:00

NASA and private aerospace manufacturer SpaceX are delaying their historic space launch Wednesday after poor weather conditions jeopardized the crew's safety.


NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed on Twitter that the launch will be delayed until Saturday, stressing "safety for our crew members" is the agency's "top priority."

"We'll try, try again to #LaunchAmerica on Saturday with liftoff at 3:22pm ET [1922GMT]," he said.

The rescheduling was also confirmed by SpaceX, which said the time slot noted by Bridenstine is the "next launch opportunity" for the mission.