Tuesday, Sep 21

Serbia converts fair hall to hospital

According to the sources, over 400 virus patients are being treated at the fair hall hospital.
18.04.2020 - 14:43

Over 400 coronavirus patients are being treated at a makeshift hospital established at the Belgrade Fair in Serbia’s capital, an official said on Saturday.

“We have 419 patients, the youngest aged three and the oldest being 67 years old. They are in stable condition,” said Veljko Milic, the coordinator of the hospital.


He said there are three to four doctors and six to eight nurses on each shift. "We receive and discharge people on a regular basis. 210 patients have been discharged so far and several dozen more people will be sent home today too," said Milic.

The fair hall in Belgrade was transformed into a makeshift hospital with 3,000 beds in late March.

Temporary medical facilities were also set up at fair halls and sports centers in different cities.

As of Saturday, Serbia has 5,690 coronavirus cases, with 110 deaths and 534 recoveries.