Monday, Nov 29

Russia sees 174 coronavirus fatalities in last 24 hours

Starting June 1 Moscow will reopen all non-food trade and some consumer services, and scheduled walks will be allowed for residents.
28.05.2020 - 15:53

Russia on Thursday reported the highest-ever number of fatalities caused by the novel coronavirus infection, with 174 people claimed over the past day, raising the death toll to 4,142.


But recoveries also outnumbered new cases for the third day in a row, as over the last 24 hours 8,785 recoveries were registered in the country versus 8,371 new infections, the country's emergency task force said.

Russia remains the country taking the worst hit globally in terms of the number of cases, following the US and Brazil. In total, 379,051 people have caught the virus in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic, with 150,993 of them having successfully recovered.

The country continues mass testing to detect the virus at early stages, with 9.7 million tests carried out so far.

On Tuesday, the government said the situation with coronavirus spreading had reached a “stable” and controlled level and started cautiously lift restrictions.