Wednesday, May 12

Russia imposes home quarantine for people over 65

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin also asked the elderly to stay at home and avoid gatherings.
23.03.2020 - 11:36

Moscow mayor on Monday introduced quarantine for those over-65 and people with chronic problems.

The restrictive measures come into force starting from March 26, Sergey Sobyanin said in a statement published on his official website.


"The nature of the coronavirus is such that it primarily poses a threat to the life and health of the elderly and people with chronic diseases and low immunity. So our main task is to protect you -- Muscovites of the older generation." he said.

From March 26 to April 14, Muscovites over-65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, chronic kidney disease, or cancer, as well as those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke are required to comply with the home regime. If you are working, please do not go to work," Sobyanin said.

The mayor published a phone number of a volunteer center, urging people to use the help of volunteers in case of necessity to buy food or medicines, and informed of a one-time payment to compensate expenses during self-isolation.

He also prohibited the mobile communication providers to stop serving over-65 and customers with chronic problems even if they did not pay the services.

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia rose to 438, while 71 new patients were diagnosed with the deadly infection over the last 24 hours.