Monday, May 17

New Zealand reports zero coronavirus cases for a week

New Zealand on Friday allowed people to resume weekend activities after reporting no fresh coronavirus cases for a consecutive seven days.
29.05.2020 - 10:40

The health authorities said there was only one active case of the deadly infection and no other was receiving hospital care for coronavirus, the local daily New Zealand Herald reported.


The authorities have also increased number of people allowed in social gatherings to 100. New Zealand had imposed a strict lockdown in April which was lifted in phases and currently restrictions under level-2 are in place.

Routine activities including schools, businesses, cafes, restaurants, weddings or funerals are allowed but with social distancing measures.

The finance minister said that economic output under level-2 was at about 90%. “The hospitality sector was still facing challenges under level 2, but export sectors were faring relatively well,” he said.

New Zealand has reported 1,504 coronavirus cases while 22 people have died of the disease.