Thursday, Mar 04
New Yorkers flock to parks as temperatures increase

New Yorkers flock to parks as temperatures increase

In the city that has been struggling with coronavirus for weeks, people tried to relax with various activities.
18.05.2020 - 16:32

Summer weather is enticing much of the world to emerge from coronavirus lockdowns as centers of the outbreak from New York to Italy and Spain gradually lift restrictions that have kept millions indoors for months.

New York, where the most coronavirus cases are experienced in the USA, has reported 359,847 confirmed coronavirus cases and 28,325 deaths so far.


In Bear Mountain State Park park, where the picnic benches are completely filled, many people have finished the day by strolling, playing football and sunbathing.

Some New Yorkers wear masks and act in accordance with the social distance rule, while others not.

White circles were painted on the lawn in Brooklyn’s Domino Park in New York City to help sunbathers and picnickers keep a safe distance.

About half the people in the park appeared to be wearing some form of face covering as they congregated in small groups on a warm Saturday afternoon with police officers in masks keeping watch.