Monday, Apr 12

Nearly 500 doctors die from coronavirus in Russia

Russia's emergency task force reported on Thursday a total of 561,091 infections, with a death toll of 7,660, and 313,963 recoveries.
18.06.2020 - 17:02

Almost 500 doctors died due to the novel coronavirus in Russia, contracting it at work, the country's Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare announced on Thursday.


Russia was not fully prepared for the coronavirus outbreak, with problems in the beginning, including lack of protective means, head of the service Alla Samoylova said at a video-conference in Moscow.

Authorities have so far managed to fix most of them, and the complaints about security flaws are "rather rare" now, Samoylova added.

"As of today, we say the spread of the virus is not over yet. More than half a million people in Russia are ill, over 7,500 have died, and 489 of them are medical workers. Unfortunately, we have lost almost 500 of our colleagues," she noted.