Monday, Nov 29

Migrants await at Greece-Turkish border

Over 10,000 asylum seekers at the Greek border lose hope for Greece opening its doors leading to Europe.
27.03.2020 - 12:29

With hopes of crossing into Europe for a better life, the asylum seekers Friday terminated their hopeless wait along the Turkish-Greek border after one month.


The asylum seekers conveyed their request to leave the area to the provincial migration authorities in Turkey’s northwestern Edirne amid loss of hope that Greece would open its doors leading to Europe.

Turkish officials also informed other asylum seekers about the risks of spreading novel coronavirus if they continue to remain outdoors. Those asylum seekers convinced by the officials have also expressed willingness to leave the area as well.

They were later taken to available guesthouses via coach buses under the coordination of Edirne governor's office.

As part of coronavirus measures, the asylum seekers will then be sent to appropriate locations once the quarantine period is over.