Tuesday, Jul 05

Mexican governor claims poors are 'immune' to the disease

Governor of Puebla state says rich people are at risk, insinuating that poor people cannot travel and are therefore safe.
27.03.2020 - 11:57

A state governor in Mexico has triggered outrage in the country by claiming that “poor people” are immune from the novel coronavirus.


Luis Miguel Barbosa, the governor of Puebla, said earlier this week at a press conference that poor people in Mexico should not worry about the global pandemic.

“If you are rich, you have a risk. If you are poor, no. The poor are immune,” he said.

There is nothing to support the idea that only rich people are at risk of the coronavirus. The governor said people who travel could be at more risk, and he linked the ability to travel with people who are rich. He then assumed that poor people were not in danger.

Less than a week ago, the president said Mexicans are “very resistant” because of their culture, seeming to suggest that Mexicans will fare better than other countries with the coronavirus because of their “ancient” roots.