Saturday, Oct 23

Latin America countries register more virus-related deaths

Brazil sees 692 new deaths, while 473 more people die in Mexico over the last 24 hours
30.06.2020 - 13:09

Brazil on Tuesday reported 692 new fatalities from the coronavirus, while Mexico saw 473 deaths over the past 24 hours.

The death toll in Brazil now stands at 58,314, and the number of cases has reached 1,368,195, with 24,052 additions since Monday, according to the Health Ministry.


With over 275,000 cases and nearly 14,400 deaths, Brazil’s most populous city, Sao Paulo, remains the hardest-hit area of the country.

The death toll in Mexico reached 27,121, with 473 more fatalities, according to the Health Ministry data.

The number of cases surged to 220,657, with 3,805 additions over the past 24 hours. Mexico confirmed its first coronavirus case on Feb. 28 and first death due to the disease on March 19.