Monday, Apr 19
Iraq considers purchase of Russian S-400 missiles

Iraq considers purchase of Russian S-400 missiles

According to the Wall Street Journal, Iraqi lawmakers said the government had decided to move forward with negotiations to buy Russian S-400 air-defense missiles.
13.01.2020 - 09:45

Iraq is considering the purchase of S-400 advanced Russian missile systems amid fears that the US may stop supporting Iraq, the Wall Street Journal quoted Karim Elaiwi, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee as saying.


“We are talking to Russia about the S-400 missiles but no contracts have been signed yet. We need to get these missiles, especially after Americans have disappointed us many times by not helping us in getting proper weapons,” Elaiwi underscored.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry as well as the Pentagon and US State Department have yet to comment on the matter.