Sunday, Aug 01

India moves to remove all special provisions to Kashmir

Prime Minister Modi gov’t breaks the only Muslim-majority states into two units.
05.08.2019 - 11:05

India on Monday scrapped the special provision granted to disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking in the parliament, India’s interior minister Amit Shah tabled a proposed legislation “Constitution Applicable to J&K 2019” which removed Article 370 of Indian Constitution, granting special status to the region.


Further, the minister also introduced another bill that the Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir is divided in two centrally administered regions. The two units, which will be called "union territories", will be ruled by two lieutenant governors. Since 1947, the Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed special provisions to enact its own laws.

The special provision also protected its citizenship law that disallowed outsiders to settle and own land in the territory. The proposed legislation was tabled in the parliament along with an official order issued by President Ram Nath Kovind which said the constitutional changes will be enforced immediately.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his election campaign earlier this year promised to remove special provision to India’s only Muslim majority state.