Wednesday, Jan 20

Hong Kong protests flare up over banned march

Last Sunday, about 100 white-shirted men stormed the Yuen Long mass-transit station hours after protesters marched through central Hong Kong and defaced China’s Liaison Office.
27.07.2019 - 14:45

Police fired tear gas during clashes in a rural Hong Kong town on Saturday as several thousand activists gathered to protest an attack by suspected triad gang members on protesters and commuters at a train station last weekend.


Police, widely criticized for failing to better protect the public from the attack by club-wielding men in Yuen Long, had refused to allow the march in the town on safety grounds.

But protesters pushed ahead and what began as a peaceful action by several thousand in sweltering afternoon heat soon grew increasingly tense with stand-offs between police and protesters in several locations.

Rocks and bottles were thrown at police by protesters, who were also building barricades out of street furniture. Police responded in at least one location with tear gas.

"They failed the public," a protester called Kevin, in a red T-shirt, said of the police earlier in the afternoon, as he stood outside the police station, gripping its gates.

"They deliberately let the triads beat up protesters to get revenge on us ... We’re here to teach them a lesson," he said, as he shouted an obscenity at the police.