Thursday, Oct 21

Gunmen attempt to overthrow the regional gov’t in Ethiopia

Ethiopia said there was a coup attempt against the head of the country’s Amhara state but that it had failed.
23.06.2019 - 12:22

Gunmen on Saturday allegedly attempted to overthrow a regional state government in Ethiopia, an official said.


Appearing live on Ethiopian Television, Nigusu Tilahun, head of the press secretariat at the Prime Minister’s Office, said: “Armed men tried to unseat the Amhara Regional State Government by force but their attempt has been foiled."

According to the state broadcaster, the armed group claimed itself to be a “force of change”. Nigusu said the federal government will intervene to calm the situation, without giving further information.

Reports coming out from Bahir Dar, capital of the regional state, there were some gunshots fired at the regional government's building and people were seen running for their lives. "It is unacceptable and measures would be taken against perpetrators," said head of the press secretariat.

In a Twitter post, the Prime Minister's Office also condemned the alleged attempt to overthrow the regional government. "It is unconstitutional and a plot to subvert the peace that people in the region attained through long years of struggle and sacrifices," the Prime Minister's Office said.