Sunday, Apr 18

German coronavirus cases rise to 16,662

The country has seen a total of 70 deaths from coronavirus cases.
21.03.2020 - 15:49

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has risen by 2,705 within a day to reach 16,662, the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases said on Saturday.


It said a total of 47 people had died after testing positive, an increase of 16 from a tally of 31 published on Friday.

''We will see more fatalities over the next few weeks, including here in Germany," Lothar Wieler, who heads the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany's federal public health agency, said Friday.

"More people will get infected. More people will be admitted to the emergency room and more people will require respiratory aid and therefore we have to fear that there will not be enough ventilator places," he said.

"If there are still people in our country who don't believe this, who don't believe me, who think that this is panic-making, then I can only call upon them to finally open their eyes to this reality," Wieler added.