Thursday, Jan 28

German capital completes preparation for coronavirus vaccination

The country is planning to begin coronavirus vaccinations on Dec. 27, if European regulators approve BioNTech and Pfizer's vaccine next week.
22.12.2020 - 12:29

The German capital has completed its preparations for the vaccination against coronavirus, the state senator for health said in an interview.


Dilek Kalayci, a Turkish-German politician and incumbent State Minister for Health, Care and Equality of Berlin, gave an interview to Anadolu Agency and said: "We have completed preparations for vaccination. We have established six vaccination centers across Berlin, where we will be able to conduct vaccination in a very fast way. All the system is ready including the technical and logistic issues, and the personnel."

Pointing out that the elderly are more vulnerable to the coronavirus disease, Kalayci said they will also have mobile centers that will go to the almshouses in the city for vaccination.

"For now, the number of vaccines will not be enough to open all the vaccination centers. So, I first want around 29,000 elderly people living in the almshouse to be vaccinated. Staff will first go to the almshouses by mobile centers and vaccinate the elderly. Then, we will able to open all the vaccination centers as we get more vaccine."

Nearly 50% of those who died from the disease in Germany so far were people over the age of 80, the country's health minister Jens Spahn said last week. Frontline health and social care workers are among those to receive the first vaccines, he said. Berliners will get letters inviting them to the vaccination centers and to register online before going for vaccination