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G20 Summit: Turkish leader urges cooperation

G20 Summit: Turkish leader urges cooperation

The G20 summit being held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.
22.11.2020 - 15:43

The Group of 20 Leaders' Summit kicked off in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh on Saturday.


Saudi Arabia is chairing the summit which will run through Sunday and is being held virtually in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In his opening speech, Saudi King Salman bin Abdelaziz focused on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on international economies.  "This year has been an exceptional year, as the novel coronavirus pandemic constituted an unprecedented shock that affected the whole world in a short period of time," said the Saudi monarch.

He went on to say that "our peoples and economies are still suffering from this shock, but we will do our best to overcome this crisis via international cooperation." "In the near future, we must address the weaknesses that have emerged due to this crisis, while working to protect lives and livelihoods," he added.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan joined the summit online from the Vahdettin Mansion in Istanbul.

He said dealing with the pandemic is impossible without cooperation, adding that countries with weaker economies should not be left to their fate. "The vaccines that are being developed should be used for the common good of humanity instead of further exacerbating the existing injustices," he said.

“The G20 platform should prepare and operate the mechanisms that will assure the cost-effective and fair access of the vaccine by everyone.” He went on to say that Turkey has provided aid to 156 countries and nine international organization amid the pandemic.

“We have adopted an action plan as G20 in order to minimize the economic impact of the pandemic. We appreciate the gradual development in the debt relief which we regard as the most concrete step of the action plan,” he added.