Monday, Oct 18

France's coronavirus infections up slightly

The death toll in France stands at 29,575 with infections rising slightly to 158,174, an increase of 458 cases compared to the previous day.
18.06.2020 - 09:36

Coronavirus fatalities and hospitalizations decreased Wednesday in France but infections ticked upward, according to health officials.


Thirty deaths at hospitals were registered, 12 less than what was reported Tuesday. The number of fatalities is 19,118. Fatalities in nursing homes are no longer reported with the last figure at 10,350.

The number of hospitalizations decreased Wednesday with cases coming in at 10,222, a drop of 268 patients. Those in intensive care fell to 772, down 48 patients.

Despite the severity of the virus, most patients experience mild symptoms and recover. A total of 73,657 people have recovered in France from the pandemic and returned home.