Monday, Dec 06

France’s coronavirus app led to nearly 2 million activations

Despite the number of downloads, the app has managed a very small number of notifications because very few people mark themselves as coronavirus-positive in the app.
23.06.2020 - 13:56

France’s state-supported “StopCovid” contact-tracing app has been downloaded by 1.9 million people, roughly 2 percent of the population, leading to 1.8 million activations as of June 22, digital affairs minister Cedric O said on Tuesday.


The “StopCovid” smartphone app, which was launched on June 2, warns users if they have come into contact with anyone infected with the coronavirus to help to contain the epidemic as France emerges from lockdown.

Over the last week alone, 190,000 people downloaded the app but “tens of thousands” of people uninstalled it. The government says that people may feel like the coronavirus outbreak is over in France.

“The application is working well. In short, we can detect most contacts that we should detect,” O said. “If I have one regret it’s obviously that it isn’t compatible with other European countries.”