Thursday, Mar 04

France starts drive-in cinemas amid coronavirus outbreak

Starting Wednesday and for the next three days, the city of Cannes has installed a drive-in screen in the Palm Beach parking lot.
20.05.2020 - 16:59

When the pandemic hit Europe at the end of February, group gatherings were the first thing to be banned, then came the closure of schools and finally extended lockdowns, dealing a severe blow to cinema houses and the movie business.

That being the case, one token of the movie-going past -- drive-ins -- are gaining popularity.


It makes perfect sense: stay in one's car, watch a flick with friends -- a recent release or a classic favorite -- and drive home, sans infection.

Cine Drive will kick off tonight at 9.30 p.m. with Steven Spielberg's 80s blockbuster ET. Other films on the list include last year's The Singing Club, starring Kristin Scott Thomas, and La Daronne, a film by Jean-Paul Salome released earlier this year starring Isabelle Huppert.

The festival will follow the same type of strict pandemic guidelines followed in the country, including the wearing of masks.