Thursday, Mar 04

France reports 27,529 fatalities

Deaths in hospitals stood at 120 people with only 14 patients have died in nursing homes last week.
16.05.2020 - 11:06

Novel coronavirus-related deaths in France took a nosedive on Friday, dropping to 134 fatalities from the previous day's 220, according to the latest figures reported by the country's Ministry of Health.


The total number of fatalities in hospitals is 17,342, while the total in nursing homes was 10,187.

The overall death toll in France now stands at 27,529, with total cases at 141,919 -- a rise of 563 in the past 24 hours.

Hospitalizations also continued to fall on Friday, with cases standing now at 19,861, a decrease of 602 patients. The number of those in intensive care fell to 2,203, down by 225 patients over Thursday.