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Finland says talks with Turkey regarding NATO bids to continue

Finland says talks with Turkey regarding NATO bids to continue

Three countries will have official discussions in Brussels on Monday.
19.06.2022 - 17:53

Talks between Turkey, Sweden, and Finland will continue on Monday, Finnish President’s Office announced on Sunday.

Hosted by the NATO Secretariat, official discussions among Finland, Sweden, and Turkey will continue on Monday in Brussels, the presidency said on Twitter.

Turkey's pressure on Sweden, Finland

Sweden and Finland, amid their NATO bids, are under pressure from Turkey to end their support for the PKK/YPG terror group, with Ankara saying the bloc is a security alliance and that any potential members must take a clear stance against terrorism.

On Saturday, Turkey's presidential spokesperson said that if the Swedish government does not take steps to end the PKK terror group's actions within their countries, the negotiations are unlikely to progress for Sweden's NATO membership process.

'Stockholm is one of the most striking examples'

Ibrahim Kalın, after a conference in the Turkish capital Ankara, told the press that the projection of images belonging to the terrorist organization YPG/PKK on buildings in Stockholm is one of the most striking examples of the extent that the PKK is deployed in this country and how spoiled it is.

Kalın and Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal on Sunday are set to work on Sweden's and Finland's applications for NATO membership in Brussels.