Saturday, Oct 16

EU not happy with UK's Brexit vote

British parliament rejected Theresa May's improved Brexit deal.
13.03.2019 - 09:50

The EU on Tuesday warned it had done its part to ensure an agreement on Brexit, however, the possibility of the UK’s departure for the bloc without an agreement increased.


EU Council spokesman Preben Aaman told Anadolu Agency the bloc was upset with the voting result of the British Parliament. He said the Brexit "deadlock" could only be solved in London because the EU had done everything necessary.

Emphasizing that there were only 17 days remaining for the UK to leave the EU, he said, "With today's vote, the possibility of a departure without agreement has seriously increased. We will continue to prepare for a departure without an agreement."

Theresa May failed to change the agreement text, which drew reaction due to the "precautionary article" regarding the Northern Ireland border. However, she came to terms with the EU on a mutual document which clarified the term of use of the article.

Earlier Tuesday, the British parliament rejected May's "improved" Brexit deal in a 391 - 242 vote. Parliament will vote Wednesday on no-deal Brexit. And Thursday, it will vote on postponing the Brexit date, slated for the end of the month.