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Dozens of demonstrators seriously wounded in France

According to local reports, prosecutors probe French police after injuries.
08.12.2019 - 09:00

Thursday saw one of the biggest strikes in recent French history. Strikers continued to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension plans Friday.

The Interior Ministry said 806,000 people took part in protests, while labor unions put the number at nearly 1.5 million in which police used smoke bombs to disperse crowds.


French prosecutors launched an investigation Saturday after dozens of demonstrators were seriously wounded, when police used excessive force against protestors in the capital, according to media reports.

Dozens of demonstrators seriously wounded in France WATCH

Investigators from the national police unit are focusing on the Magenta Boulevard in Paris where demonstrators were hurt.

The "unlimited" strike impacted all public transport systems, according to local media reports. The Parisian public transport operator announced plans to continue striking through Monday, which will lead to major problems in the capital.

Airlines were told again Friday to reduce flights above France by 20 percent, meaning further cancelations affecting again all flights in, out or above France.

Rail unions will also continue striking, so service on public rail operator SNCF trains was reduce 90 percent beginning Thursday.