Thursday, Mar 04

Deaths from coronavirus rise in France

Since the start of the outbreak, the death toll in France stands at 28,108 with cases of infection up to 142,411, a rise by 120 cases over the previous day.
18.05.2020 - 09:38

Sunday saw a rise in the daily death toll from coronavirus in France due to many more patients succumbing to the disease in nursing homes, while the number in hospitals was at its lowest, according to the latest statistics reported by the country's Health Ministry.


A total of 483 fatalities were registered on Sunday, a rise by 379 cases, compared to Saturday. While the new deaths in hospitals stood at 54, in nursing homes 429 people were reported to have perished. The total number of fatalities to date in hospitals is 17,466 and the total in nursing homes is 10,642.

The number of hospitalizations dropped again on Sunday with cases standing now at 19,361, a drop of 71 patients. Those in intensive care fell to 2,087, down by 45 patients over Saturday.

Since the beginning of record-keeping for the disease, 61,213 people have recovered in France from the pandemic and have returned home.