Wednesday, Dec 01

Coronavirus death toll surpasses one million across world

Shortly after the death toll hit 1,000,555, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the new bulk "an agonizing milestone" and said, "it’s a mind-numbing figure."
29.09.2020 - 09:39

The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus around the world has surpassed one million, while number of cases is above 33 million on Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

While the US leads the world with more than 7.1 million cases and 205,000 deaths, Brazil has lost some 142,000 people with more than 4.7 million reported cases, and in India more than 95,000 people died in just over six million cases.


While China is the birthplace of coronavirus with some 90,000 cases and 4,700 deaths, Turkey's overall case tally stood at 315,800 with 8,062 deaths as of Monday.

There are more than 170 vaccines that are candidates for coronavirus and tracked by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Coronavirus death toll surpasses one million across world WATCH

Out of those, 142 are at a pre-clinical phase, not yet tried on humans. While 29 of them are at Phase 1, tried on small-scale, 18 are at Phase 2 with expanded safety, and only nine are at Phase 3, tried on a large-scale efficacy. However, none are approved for general use yet.

China has been using experimental coronavirus vaccines on thousands of people since July through an emergency program, and it currently has 11 vaccines in clinical trials and four in Phase 3.


The WHO does not forecasts widespread vaccinations against coronavirus around the world until mid-2021.

Until a successful vaccination is developed and distributed around the world, a recent study shows that Vitamin D reduces the risk of coronavirus infection and risk of death in those who carry the virus. "It is recommended that improving vitamin D status in the general population and in particular hospitalized patients has a potential benefit in reducing the severity of morbidities and mortality associated with acquiring coronavirus," according to a study conducted by 11 researchers and published on scientific journal PLOS One on Friday.

The food with highest Vitamin D sources are fish, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, an individual requires 1,000-1,300 milligrams of that vitamin daily, according to