Wednesday, May 12

Coronavirus cases on rise in France

The country has continued to hold steady as it enters the second week of lockdown which started last Tuesday at noon, announced by President Emmanuel Macron in a televised evening address.
25.03.2020 - 09:33

Death toll from coronavirus in France reaches 1,100, with reported cases hitting 22,302.

The number of cases rose by 2,153 over Monday, while the death toll surged by 240 over the last 24 hours.


Prime Minister Edouard Philippe aired his own televised address last night, telling the nation that the cautionary measures had become stricter, with outings limited to one hour, one time a day, with residents to go no further than 1 kilometer radius from one's home.

Violators are presently fined up to €135 ($147) for those rebuffing confinement, which could rise to €1,500 ($1,615) for recidivism within 15 days or €3,700 ($3,985) and six months in prison for violations in 30 days.

A ban on open-air markets was also put in place, except in regions where a market is the primary source of food.