Thursday, Oct 22

China announces entering phase 3 trials for coronavirus vaccine

The Chinese authorities said local residents can start receiving the vaccine by November or December this year.
18.09.2020 - 15:34

To combat coronavirus, China on Friday said four vaccines are now in phase-III clinical trials, officials said.


"So far, we have 11 vaccines that have entered clinical trials, among which four have entered phase three clinical trials," state-affiliated China Global Television Network (CGTN) quoted Wang Zhigang, Chinese Minister for Science and Technology, as speaking at the Global Science and Life Health Forum in Beijing.

"China boosted the development of five technical routes in parallel for coronavirus vaccines," he added.

Among the four candidate vaccines in China, the one developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics and a team led by infectious disease expert Chen Wei is an adenoviral vector-based vaccine, while the other three are based on the inactivated virus, according to CGTN.

"Ordinary Chinese residents could start receiving coronavirus vaccines as early as November or December, as the current Phase III clinical trials have been going smoothly," the state-run media quoted Wu Guizhen, chief biosecurity expert from China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as saying.

"In April, I was vaccinated as an experimental population. I am feeling good in these months without any abnormal condition," said Wu. "I didn't feel local pain when vaccinating," he added.