Tuesday, Aug 09

British parliament to close early amid virus fears

Parliament had been scheduled to break for Easter on March 31, but the House of Commons will close on Wednesday.
25.03.2020 - 17:57

The British parliament will shut down a week early for its Easter recess as coronavirus continues to make its way through Britain’s political class and public sector, it announced on Wednesday.


At least 20 MPs have tested positive for coronavirus or are suspected of having it.

Parliament will close on Wednesday, set to reconvene on April 21, but first MPs are to vote on emergency coronavirus legislation.

“We live in a democracy so it is absolutely essential the government is held to account, particularly in times like this. Parliament will return,” Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said. “There has been another order in parliament to create ways for select committees to operate remotely.”

The move comes as Britain’s public sector continues to feel the strain of the outbreak.