Monday, Oct 26

Azerbaijani army clears occupied areas

A written statement from Azerbaijani Defense Ministry also said that a large number of Armenian forces have been killed, adding "the enemy" suffered heavy losses.
28.09.2020 - 11:39

Azerbaijani army cleared several "advantageous high grounds" around the Talysh village of the occupying Armenian forces, the country's Defense Ministry said in a statement on Monday.


Border clashes broke out early Sunday when the Armenian forces targeted Azerbaijani civilian settlements and military positions, leading to casualties.

Azerbaijani army clears occupied areas WATCH

"Units of the Azerbaijan Army, moving from the high grounds and advantageous positions liberated from the Armenian armed forces, continue the counter-attack to consolidate the achieved success," the ministry said.

"By inflicting rocket-artillery and air strikes on enemy positions, he was forced to retreat from the frontiers he was trying to hold," it added.