Tuesday, Sep 21

Australia’s social distance measure may continue for year

Australia has more than 6,520 cases of the coronavirus while the death toll rose to 65 after a coronavirus patient was reported to have died on Friday.
17.04.2020 - 12:51

Unless a vaccine against the novel coronavirus is found, social distancing measures may continue for a year in Australia, the country's premier said on Friday.


Scott Morrison underlined that there was no guarantee that a coronavirus vaccine will be developed, the daily Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Authorities also decided to continue the lockdown in the country for the next four weeks to stem the spread of the infection.

"There was never a vaccine for SARS or MERS and the social distancing is something we should get very used to," said Morrison.

"Certainly, while the virus is prevalent across the world, the 1.5-meter rule should be a natural instinct."