Saturday, May 15

Australia’s local gov’t asks military to support corona fight

Australia has reported over 7,520 coronavirus cases. Nearly 7,000 patients have recovered.
24.06.2020 - 10:53

A local authority in Australia requested military support from the federal government for its battle against the coronavirus, the local media reported on Wednesday.


The government in Victoria province pursued the military support to help manage its coronavirus outbreak, according to the daily Sydney Morning Herald.

Australia reported 30 more coronavirus cases – 20 in Victoria and 10 in New South Wales, all of them were home returnees.

One more coronavirus patient died in Victoria on Wednesday, taking the death toll to 103 in the country. It is first coronavirus death in more than a month reported in the country. The Victorian authorities asked the military for help in hotel quarantines as their security guards have been infected by the coronavirus.

Twenty-eight Australian Defense Force (ADF) personnel are already assisting the local government Victoria.

The ADF officials are set to meet Victorian health authorities today to discuss the plan on deployment of military personnel on the ground in Melbourne.