Friday, Sep 18

AstraZeneca expands coronavirus vaccine deal

Oxford Biomedica said in a statement that AstraZeneca would give it 15 million pounds ($20 million) upfront to reserve manufacturing capacity at Oxford Biomedica’s plant.
01.09.2020 - 15:11

AstraZeneca has expanded its agreement with cell therapy firm Oxford Biomedica to mass-produce its coronavirus potential vaccine, as it looks to scale-up supply ahead of a possible US fast-track approval.


While the British drugmaker works on the widely watched coronavirus vaccine hopeful, AZD1222, its main portfolio of treatments for cancer, diabetes and heart diseases scored a win after its drug, Imfinzi, was approved for use in Europe to treat an aggressive form of lung cancer.

Cambridge-based AstraZeneca’s vaccine is among the leading candidates in the global race for a successful vaccine and it has entered late-stage trials in the United States, the company said on Monday, as it targets 3 billion doses of the vaccine, globally.