Tuesday, Nov 29
Trump slams ABC reporter over fake video on Syria

Trump slams ABC reporter over fake video on Syria

US President criticized ABC’s chief White House correspondent about an attack video that actually originated in Kentucky.
17.10.2019 - 10:04

US President Donald Trump lashed out at ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl during a Wednesday press conference over the network showing a fake footage that reportedly appeared to be from a gun range in Kentucky that they broadcast as from Syria.

During the Q&A portion ABC reporter asked if Trump didn’t have any regret for giving President Erdoğan the greenlight to "invade" Syria.


Trump rejected the claims that he gave Erdoğan a "green light" and said he pulled the soldiers last week for their safety.

Trump slams ABC reporter over fake video on Syria WATCH

"When you ask a question like that, it’s very deceptive, Jon," Trump said. "It’s almost as deceptive as you showing all of the bombings taking place in Syria and it turned out the bombing you showed on television took place in Kentucky."

"So I’m not even sure that ABC apologized for that, but certainly it was a terrible thing. I’m looking at this. I say ‘wow that’s pretty bad,’ and it was in Kentucky," Trump continued. "It wasn’t in Syria, so I don’t know what you’re going to do about that. But I think ABC owes an apology." he added.

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