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Macron compared to Hitler by French Le Monde

Macron compared to Hitler by French Le Monde

French newspaper Le Monde is forced to apologize after likening President Emmanuel Macron to Adolf Hitler on its magazine cover amid Yellow Vests protests.
31.12.2018 - 10:02

Emmanuel Macron has been compared to Adolf Hitler by a French magazine which published a cover comparing the two leaders sparking a social media storm.

Le Monde, a French daily newspaper, published a black and red cover that appeared to compare French President Macron to the Nazi leader Hitler who was responsible for the deaths of more than 6 million Jewish people.

The image featured a collage of Macron above France’s Yellow Vests protesters with the vandalized Champs Elysees in the background.


Even the newspaper insisted that it had not intended to portray Macron as being akin to Hitler, after the pressures, Le Monde's editorial director Luc Bronner said “The cover of Le Monde's M magazine dated Saturday, December 29 has provoked critical reactions from some of our readers. We apologise to those who were shocked.” in a tweet.