Monday, Sep 26
Former minister admits PKK committed crimes in Germany

Former minister admits PKK committed crimes in Germany

Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has sharply criticized PKK terror organization for financing crimes in Turkey with funds made from illegal activities in Europe.
20.10.2019 - 09:51

PKK terror organization is responsible for money laundering, drugs and weapons dealing with Turkish war funding, German politician Sigmar Gabriel admits.

The former foreign minister said that Germany considers the PKK a terrorist organization not because of its crimes in Turkey, but because of its illegal activities in Germany.


"We know the PKK is engaged in illegal activities, including money-laundering through blackmail and selling drugs and weapons to finance its war in Turkey," Gabriel said.

Former minister admits PKK committed crimes in Germany WATCH

"The group is banned in the country because they violate the rule of law. I want to say this again; in this country we do not speak of those Kurds. We are talking about an organization that is banned here," he added.


"When the civil war in Syria broke out, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has asserted the necessity of establishing a no-fly zone and warned that Bashar Assad would bomb his own people. Germany dismissed this and soon after, Assad bombed his people, and we were involved in it with a few million refugees," he said.