Tuesday, Sep 21
Turkish defense industry sparks Chinese media’s interest

Turkish defense industry sparks Chinese media’s interest

Along with the developments that Turkish defense industry achieves, Chinese media also started to talk over the sector’s developments.
27.08.2018 - 13:41

Despite the ongoing crisis between Turkey and the United States, Turkey’s successful economic performance continues making a strong impression on the international defense market.

The sales increase of the products was brought to the Chinese media’s agenda. China, which has one of the most powerful military power in the world, expressed that the US’ artificial agenda on Turkey will have a positive effect on the defense industry.

According to Chinese Feng Huang TV’s news, it was mentioned that Turkey’s defense industry exports are markable popular in the international area and a refreshing for Turkey to get over the US crisis. It was also mentioned that the new powerful 105-millimeter lightweight towed howitzer weapon system will be an important product in the international defense market.