Thursday, Aug 06

US declares support to Turkey after Assad regime attacks

"We stand by our NATO Ally Turkey against these actions," US State Department said in a statement.
22.02.2020 - 11:08

The US expressed condolences Friday to Turkey following deadly Syrian regime attacks on Turkish positions in northwestern Syria's Idlib province "used for coordination and de-escalation."


"We send condolences to the Turkish government on the death of these soldiers. These attacks have now killed multiple Turkish personnel," a State Department spokeswoman told Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity. "We stand by our NATO Ally Turkey against these actions."

"President Trump, in his call with Turkish President Erdogan on Saturday, expressed his concern over the violence in Idlib and reiterated our call for Russia to end its support for the Assad regime’s atrocities and for a political resolution to the Syrian conflict," the spokeswoman added.

Two Turkish soldiers were martyred and five others wounded in airstrikes on Thursday in Idlib.

In retaliation, the Turkish Defense Ministry said its forces neutralized more than 50 regime elements and destroyed five tanks, two armored personnel vehicles, two armed pickups and one howitzer.