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Two soldiers die searching for missing Anadolu Agency reporter

According to the reports, soldiers martyred during search and rescue efforts for missing reporter in northeastern Turkey.
18.05.2019 - 09:15

Two Turkish soldiers were martyred during search and rescue efforts for an Anadolu Agency reporter who went missing after falling off a cliff in northeastern Turkey last week.


İsmail Ustaoğlu, the Governor of Black Sea province of Trabzon, said the soldiers lost their lives while searching for Abdulkadir Nişancı, who slipped when a mass of snow he stepped on broke loose at Derebasi Curves area.

The curve is known as one of the most dangerous curves in the world.

Nişancı was covering road construction works on Mount Soğanlı, located between northeastern Bayburt and Trabzon provinces, at an altitude of 3,500 meters.

Abdulkadir Nişancı

The Governor said the soldiers from Gendarmerie search and rescue teams (JAK) went adrift in the stream.

The soldiers were rescued from the water, however, they could not be returned to life despite efforts, he said.