Monday, Jun 27

Turkish security forces help elderly amid coronavirus

The Interior Ministry said last week that citizens older than 65 and those suffering chronic illnesses will be restricted from leaving their homes amid coronavirus measures.
29.03.2020 - 12:33

Turkish security forces assisted the elderly Sunday as seniors are not allowed to leave their homes as part of measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus.


Social support groups were established to help seniors seeking assistance from daily needs to emergencies by calling a hotline.

One of those who called the hotline was Selma Harar, 73, from the Yarpuzlu District of eastern Mus province.

Harar, who suffers from cancer, gave her prescription to the gendarmerie team. They went to the pharmacy, bought the medicines and handed over to her.

Felek Orun, 72, also called the hotline to ask them to draw his retirement salary and buy some fresh fruits. Another gendarmerie team drew her salary from the bank and bought some groceries.

Turkey has 7,402 confirmed cases, and the death toll stands at 108.