Monday, Jun 21

Turkish Red Crescent hands out aid in Afrin, Syria

As safe areas grow larger, aid group plans to reach throughout Afrin, set up camps, says the head of Turkish Red Crescent.
28.12.2018 - 09:42

The Turkish Red Crescent on Saturday distributed humanitarian aid to families in areas of northwestern Syria cleared of PYD/PKK terrorists by Turkey’s ongoing Operation Olive Branch.

Led by Kerem Kinik, the group’s head, the Red Crescent handed out humanitarian aid and toys to families and children in the village of Deir Ballut in Jinderes, Afrin. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Kinik said that while the counter-terrorist operation in Afrin continues, the Turkish Red Crescent is continuing to reach civilians living in liberated villages.


"We’re trying to meet the needs of the children and families. As the safe areas grow larger, our aid will reach all throughout Afrin," Kinik said. "During this time, we have plans to locate civilians inside the region to safe places and set up camps in liberated areas, and we’re looking for safe locations,” he added.

Kinik stated the villagers trust Turkey and the Turkish Red Crescent, as they know they are guided solely by humanitarian aims. "We as humanitarian actors are here to ease the pain,” he said.

During the aid distribution, the Red Crescent head, who is a physician, examined three-and-a-half-year-old Temin Yemin.

Zurriya Yemin, the boy’s mother, thanked Kinik, who told his team to keep an eye on the child. "We haven’t been able to see a doctor for about two years, God bless you," she said.