Monday, Sep 28

Turkish police seize over 1 ton of marijuana

According to an official statement, Turkish police on Friday seized over one ton of marijuana in an anti-terror operation.
06.12.2019 - 13:27

The police seized 1,036 kilograms (2,283 pounds) of marijuana, as part of Turkey’s Operation Kiran.

Police also destroyed shelters that were used by PKK terror group.


On Aug. 17, Turkey launched Operation Kiran in the country's southeast against YPG/PKK terrorists in Van, Hakkari and Şırnak provinces, followed by the launch of Operation Kiran-2 on Aug. 27 in Mardin, Sirnak and Batman provinces. Four more iterations of the operation followed, including Operation Kiran-6.

The PKK has reportedly financed its terrorist activities through the illegal drug trade since as early as the 1980s, with Interpol estimating up to 80% of the European illicit drug markets being supplied by PKK-controlled trafficking networks.

Turkish authorities have been confiscating narcotics shipments owned or operated by the PKK since the 1980s.