Sunday, Apr 18

Turkish ministry slams Greek lawmaker

Defense Ministry posts video on Twitter showing Turkish defense minister visiting military bases accompanied by song praising flag.
31.01.2020 - 09:27

Turkey's Defense Ministry posted a video on social media Thursday in response to the tearing up of a Turkish flag by a Greek lawmaker in the European Parliament.


“We will continue to convey how noble and strong of our flag is to the desperate, spoiled children in the European Parliament who attack our flag with their dirty hands,” the ministry said in a post on its Twitter account.

The video shows Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar visiting military bases around Turkey. It is accompanied by the song “Here is the Flag” praising the flag.

Greek lawmaker rips apart Turkish flag in EU Parliament WATCH

Addressing the European Parliament on Wednesday, independent Greek member Ioannis Lagos tore up a paper Turkish flag after blaming Turkey for illegal migration flows into Greece.

Lagos is one of the most prominent figures of the far-right racist Golden Dawn party.

He was found guilty last year of attacking a community center in Athens which was hosting asylum seekers.